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Song of Angels

Written by  Published in Articles Thursday, 13 March 2008 01:47

Song of Angels

Luke 2:13-14 “Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favour rests.’”

When angels sing, we humans had better listen. It’s not every day the night sky comes ablaze with a multitude of God’s heavenly messengers. What were these angels singing about anyway?

Well, for starters they are singing God’s praises, which is a given for angels. A good example for us humans to follow, don’t you think? Sometimes we wish we could see an angel or even meet an angel. Angels fascinate us. But do we want to do what angels do? Not so much. Maybe we’re missing something.
These angels apparently have reason to praise God. The lead angel had just announced to the shepherds some very good news. He said, “Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord.” That is good news – the Saviour has finally arrived on earth! Those angels had been waiting a long time to hear that announcement.

You see, God’s angels have been around since the beginning. They know a thing or two. They were there when God finished the world on day six, and they marvelled at it. They were there when God created man in His own image, and they rejoiced in God’s wisdom! They saw the mighty work of the Lord. They witnessed His power and majesty up close. They saw His goodness and love poured out upon the world in a perfect creation, in perfect harmony – no wonder they praise God day and night!
But those angels also saw something else, something terrible. They saw Adam turn his back on the Creator. They saw our first parents break faith with God. They witnessed man choosing the way of sin and bringing on his own head the just judgment of God. In the perfect God they could still rejoice but in God’s creation they no longer found joy because man had ruined it. It was condemned, and it broke their heart.

Until this night in Bethlehem thousands of years later. Until God sent His Son born of the virgin Mary to save that condemned world, to rescue man from his sin – now the angels could rejoice about creation again: “…and on earth peace to men on whom His favour rests!” This baby born in the manger would restore what man had lost in the beginning. He would repair what Adam had broken. He would undo the hostility between God and man and bring true peace on earth – that’s something we should all sing about!
All who trust in this Christ have the “favour of God” resting on them. Do you know what that is like? To have your Creator smile down upon you in love? If so, then sing with the angels of God, “glory to God in the highest!”

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