Local Ministry / Outreach

All Christians are called to the task of being prophets of Jesus Christ. That doesn’t mean we come with new messages from God. His message to us is completed and is contained in the Bible. As prophets, our job now is to confess Christ’s Name, to show and tell our neighbours all about the Saviour from sin.

For this reason we encourage also you to find hope and seek peace in Jesus Christ. Come and worship with us. Devote yourself to God and listen to His Word. It’s there you will find direction for your life and strength to carry on to God’s glory.

Our pastor and elders are here to instruct, counsel, and encourage all who truly seek for God. Come experience the awesomeness of God's grace through the preaching of the word, the songs of praise and thanksgiving, and the fellowship with other believers.

Our Pastor

Rev. S.C. Van Dam
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